FMG • Feinmechanische Werkstätte GmbH

Neugrütweg 2 • CH-9476 Weite
Tel. +41 81 740 21 15

FMG Feinmechanische Werkstätte Weite

Efficient fine mechanical company

Since June 1, 1997 we have been manufacturing precision mechanical parts for a wide range of applications using a variety of materials. Innovation, precision and on-time delivery are our highest company philosophy.

We are ISO-certified since April 2006.

Corporate mission statement

Our corporate mission statement is oriented towards customers, the market, our employees and our processes.

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Completing orders reliably

We manufacture single parts, small to medium series and up to complete assemblies, tested and packed according to our customers requirements.
Special demands on surfaces, dimensional accuracy as well as form and position tolerances of small parts are our competence.